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6 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Big School

Starting big school may be a difficult time for your child. It’s overwhelming to start something new for such a young child, especially something that involves changing their everyday routine. It can be an emotional time for the whole family in fact. Therefore, everyone should make strong efforts to make this transition smooth for the little one. The better they are prepared for big school, the more easily they will accept the new change. Everyone has their own way of coping with various emotions and dealing with new circumstances.

Given below are some tips that will help prepare your child for early childhood education Karana:

1. Practice packing and unpacking their school bag:

When you prepare your child for school, the first big step is getting them accustomed to packing and unpacking their school bag. Practicing packing and unpacking their bag can be a great first step in preparation.

2. Show them their new school uniform and shoes:

By showing them their new attire, they can learn more little bits about their new place of education and childcare.

3. Label everything:

Label all the essential items; jumper, hat, lunch box, etc. Sometimes, children leave their things at school which may be difficult to find in case of no labelling.

4. Focus on adequate sleep at night:

It is important that your child is getting lots of sleep and does not remain sleep deprived. Insufficient sleep will leave them sleepy during school hours which can lead to ill-concentration and exhaustion.


The above 4 tips will go a long way in preparing your child for their new big school. In order to familiarise your child with their new school routine, you can practice some activities at home. When you practice such activities at home in a similar manner, your child will get accustomed to this new pattern. Day care Springfield focuses on making the big transition smooth for the child.