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STREAM Makes you think of a river right? you can think of it as one too, because it’s the learning journey your child will move through during their time with us. Every milestone and new

Bringing child care strategies home

Child care centres are a place of laughter, learning, and play. Children learn from their surrounds and their carers at the centre through play-based programs. You can bring these elements into your o

Understanding the Early Years Learning Framework

The Australian Government has developed this Framework to help childcare educators develop a foundation for children’s future success in learning. It’s not a bible or syllabus, but a guide for ear

Learning Through Play – Dancing and Singing

Learning Through Play - Dancing and Singing When you encourage your child to sing and dance you are helping them to develop a host of skills while teaching them to embrace one of the most enjoyable p

The journey of opening a Nature Kindergarten and Why?

I’ve been asked to share our journey about opening Mayfield Nature Kindergarten.  In combining some of the “why’s” along with some of the “how’s, hopefully I’ll be able to create a pict