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Karana Early Education Centre | 3201 1145 | Mon - Fri 6.45am – 6.15pm
Capalaba Child Care & EEC | 3823 1145 | Mon - Fri 6.30am - 6.00pm
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Children are born eager to learn. Spurred by curiosity, children conduct their own inquiries and draw their own conclusions. When hands on, child led inquiry, meets active involvement with educators who respond to children’s delight, children excel in making meaning of their world.

Our educators are our greatest asset. We are very proud of the professional attitudes and caring natures of our educators. We make every effort to recruit and retain the best possible early childhood educators to care for and provide play-based early learning programs for your child.

At all times, we strive for excellence and place an enormous emphasis on having happy, professional and loyal educators, who are our professional partners.

Our educators are highly experienced and qualified ranging from Certificate III & Diploma in Children’s Services and Bachelor in Early Childhood, however tertiary training is only half of the necessary requirements to be a good early educationalist. Practical experience is just as important, and we pride ourselves in having a staff who have a good mix of both the educational foundations as reflected in the ‘paper’ certificate, and who also have built on this foundation a strong structure of practical experience. We are also very supportive of educators who are studying and/or upgrading their qualifications. We believe creating a culture of life-long learning begins with us!