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Some of the best parenting tips from Super Nanny

Jo Frost, aka Supernanny, has provided parents around the globe with advice on how to handle temper tantrums, routines, and discipline. You might have found yourself saying ‘that’s not acceptable’ to your children on occasion! We collected some of her best gems and put them here for you to use at home.

Mindful parenting
Be present with your child. So much time is taken up by everyday jobs like work, caring for the house and even shopping for the groceries.

Jo says when you reach the end of your tether during a temper tantrum, take a breath and pay attention to its rhythm. It’s a way of being mindful and coming back to yourself before you act. She even recommends dog-earring moments the require you to stay present. Activities like reading a book or bathtime are particular activities that require you to be mindful of what’s going on.



Bath and bed routines
Supernanny is the routine queen, and parents are grateful for her bath/bedtime tips. Combing the two at the end of the night is easier.

  • Remind the kids bath-time is ‘5/10/15 minutes away’
  • Give them some amount of control. Let them use as much shampoo or soap as they like
  • Talk them through the process e.g. ‘it’s time to use the shampoo!’
  • Make sure the lights are dimmed
  • Read a story
  • Kiss them goodnight


General routine
Jo says the ideal routine revolves around time; when people eat, play and sleep. Think about your ideal day and include your child in the planning.


Getting kids out the door on time is a struggle


Getting out the door for daycare and school is especially stressful for some parents. Setting a routine the night before will ease that anxiety. This includes making lunches, packing bags and making sure the shoes are by the door.

If you like, Jo also recommends a rewards system. This will encourage good behaviour and teach your child some valuable life skills. Telling your children that brushing teeth, making their beds and cleaning their room in exchange for a gold star is a popular idea.

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