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Handling preschool bullying | Articles from around the web

Children are naturally happy at home and at preschool; so when they suddenly change, you know something’s wrong. Though the idea of children acting as bullies is absurd to some, it’s actually nothing new and must be tackled early. We have some articles detailing what parents can do, whether their child is either victim or instigator.

Parent guide to helping children manage conflict, aggression and bullying

Australian Psychological Society

As a parent you want to do everything you can to protect your child from harm. But what if they’re the ones victimizing other kids at preschool? The Australian Psychological Society looks at both sides of the coin and has advice for children showing aggressive behaviour, how to handle bullying and the best way to proceed with conflict resolution.


Bullying at preschool: helping your child

Raising Children Network

Raising Children is one of the most trusted authorities in parenting, so it’s natural they’d have information about this topic. They have advice on how to involve the staff at the preschool as well as what to do when the bullying doesn’t stop. They point out the results from taking these steps won’t happen overnight, but they’re a good start to stopping a problem before it continues.


How to handle preschool bullies

A three-year-old? A three-year-old bully? Yes, they do exist, and this article by Parenting sets the record straight: you’re not too young to be a bully. Even at preschool. From listing the signs to preventative measures, Deborah Carpenter goes in-depth to help readers understand what’s happening so they can stop the bullying before any real harm occurs.


Bullying happens everywhere, no matter how old the person is or what type of environment they’re in. Educators do their best to make sure children always use their manners and include others in activities. Daycare/preschool is where children learn crucial behaviours and understand that even though someone’s appearances and opinions are different, that’s no reason to act like a bully.


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