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STREAM with Integrity

STREAM is an integrated approach to learning which requires an intentional connection between standards, assessments and lesson design/ implementation.  True Stream experiences involve two or more standards from Science, Technology, Reading and Researching, Engineering, Maths and Arts to be taught AND assessed in and through each other.


Inquiry, collaboration, and an emphasis on process-based learning are at the heart of the STREAM approach.  Utilising and leveraging the integrity of the arts themselves is essential to an authentic STREAM initiative.


Art education allows students to learn things in a more open-ended way and make them applicable to real life.  Arts and creativity are crucial to science, technology and computer science. They are the tools that allow technology to be usable in real life!  Arts are used in website and user interface design, advertising, product design and usability, branding and start up creation among countless others, all things are crucial to STREAM learning.


So STREAM education is crucial to educate and prepare the next generation.

The word “stream” has been chosen because it represents (in real life) a very similar meaning to what we want to convey when we use it.
 Start thinking about the analogy to a water stream. You receive a continuous flow of data, just like water continuously flows in a river.  You don’t necessarily know where the data is coming from, and most often you don’t need to; be it from a file, a socket, or any other source, it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) really matter.  This is very similar to receiving a stream of water, whereby you don’t need to know where it is coming from; be it from a lake, a fountain, or any other source, it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) really matter.

Written By Mala Kumar

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