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5 Fun Christmas Activities for the Kids

Christmas is the season for presents, decorations, family fun, Christmas trees and a whole lot more holiday stuff. With the Christmas season just around the corner, you might be thinking of arranging some fun activities for the little ones enrolled in preschools. So here is a quick checklist of the top 5 activities that you can arrange.

1. Christmas Tree Bowling Game

For children who are enrolled in childcare centers near me here’s a very fun holiday themed game. For this, you are not required to invest much, simple soda bottles as the bowling pins, and a ball to bowl them over. The fun is in decorating the bottles; Christmas themed bowling at its best! You can also consider recycling the soda bottles after use or keeping them for next years fun.

3. Christmas Movies!

Christmas movies are one very special part of Christmas; everyone loves a great Christmas movie! Some fun, child-friendly Christmas movies that you might like to show the kids are: The Polar Express, Elf, The Santa Clause, The Christmas Chronicles, The Nutcracker, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and many more.

4. Decorating the House

Christmas is a season where you get to decorate your home in lots of fun, sparkly and colourful décor that can create warm and cosy vibes from within. Watching adults decorate the house, the children also get tempted. Decorating is a chance to bond and allow children to explore their creative side.

5. Teach Charity

Everyone loves to enjoy the festivities of Christmas, but many are not lucky enough to have that pleasure. Teach the family day care children the power of charity; teach them how they can put a smile on the faces of the ones who are in need. You can ask them to bring their old toys and even new ones or whatever they can afford to donate.

Bottom Line:

These were a few ways in which you make Christmas even more special than it already is. Think out of the box, and give back this Christmas. Because not everyone is as lucky as we are.

Your own brand of childhood education: Christmas season

With Christmas coming around, some families are buying up big for the little ones. But material things don’t always equal happiness. This is the chance for parents and guardians to do some early childhood education sessions of their own to teach their children the meaning of Christmas.


Christmas and the summer holidays is a time for the family to spend together. With both parents working most of the year, this time should be cherished and used as a childhood education tool. Quality time with the ones you love is something to appreciate. Do family activities together, things you don’t get time for during the year. Take the kids to see the Christmas lights around Brisbane for a few nights. Look at the Christmas windows in the Queen Street Myer.



As a unique form of childhood education, pass on the traditions you remember from your own Christmases when you were little. Your parents/guardians were your main role model during your early years, and now the baton is passed on to you. What do you remember doing with your family? Did you help bake treats? Decorate the tree?


In Parenting.com’s article 5 ways to raise a grateful child, one strategy is to encourage donations during the festive season. From age 3, kids can grasp the concept that everyone lives in different circumstances. Volunteering, donating money, food and other items under Kmart’s Christmas tree for example, is a good way to start.



In Eskay’s childhood education centre, the children do a lot of creative activities like drawing, beading and making their own jewellry. You can apply this to your own home and ask them to make their own Christmas card/drawing for someone. This can be another relative or the local charity. Elderly care homes and hospitals with volunteer programs will truly appreciate a child’s Christmas message because they know it’s made with heart.


Childhood education doesn’t stop during the holidays. Kids are learning all the time, except for when they sleep. Use these holidays to make them more appreciative of what they already have; love, home and family. Go to Christmas displays together. Donate to the less fortunate. One day your children will pass these ‘traditions’ on, to