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Tips to Help Explain Environmental Issues to Your Kids

It is no surprise that children see the world in the most exciting and positive lens, which they should. But it is important to raise awareness of environmental issues when children are young so that they can grow up to be conscious and caring.

Child Care Centre Capalaba is amongst those few kindergartens best suitable for educating and making your child understand and learn the vitality of environmental preservation.

Environmental Issues and Concerns

In order to allow children to understand the reason and besides this, help them identify the required tips to fight with environmental issues, here’s a list:

1. Plastic Disposal:

Our excessive use of plastic in our everyday life, means that you can witness garbage in many places that aren’t the bin. As plastic is extremely hard to degrade and decompose, this is one of the most identified issues to be raising awareness about.

2. Air Pollution:

Industrialisation is a major cause of air pollution not to mention the growing number of vehicles on-road also adds to air pollution.

3. Climate Change and Global Warming:

This is a bit of a tricky one to explain to young children, but still, it’s something that they should be made aware of. Fossil fuel utilization brings about discharge of greenhouse gasses, which causes environmental change. This change affects different countries and regions in different ways; polar ice melting, season changes, new sicknesses and more.

To make your child aware of today’s environmental issues and problems, we, at Child Care Capalaba, make sure to also educate them in this regard.

Here are also a few considerable tips that may also help when discussing such matters with your children.

Extending Advice to the Children

·      Take Children Outside:

Children need to be made aware of prevalent things in the environment. For this, you need to take your children outside and make them learn how certain factors are impacting the environment.

·      Give Rewards on Recyclables:

Encourage your children towards reusing and recycling. If they understand the recycling process, it’s easier for them to learn the issues related to the environment.

  • Compost:

Children need to learn how natural compost can be used for the vital growth of plants.

  • Importance of Water and Its Efficient Utilization:

It is very necessary for us and your child to learn the importance of water and how to use water efficiently. By following a few simple tips, water can be saved in huge quantities. Just teach them day to day efficient use of water while bathing or brushing.


We, at Eskay Kids, work hard towards raising awareness about environmental concerns and issues. The aforementioned environmental issues list is just a symbol of what we can expect in the future. However, starting now and educating our children on preserving the environment is the first step.