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Tips to Help Explain Environmental Issues to Your Kids

It is no surprise that children see the world in the most exciting and positive lens, which they should. But it is important to raise awareness of environmental issues when children are young so that they can grow up to be conscious and caring.

Child Care Centre Capalaba is amongst those few kindergartens best suitable for educating and making your child understand and learn the vitality of environmental preservation.

Environmental Issues and Concerns

In order to allow children to understand the reason and besides this, help them identify the required tips to fight with environmental issues, here’s a list:

1. Plastic Disposal:

Our excessive use of plastic in our everyday life, means that you can witness garbage in many places that aren’t the bin. As plastic is extremely hard to degrade and decompose, this is one of the most identified issues to be raising awareness about.

2. Air Pollution:

Industrialisation is a major cause of air pollution not to mention the growing number of vehicles on-road also adds to air pollution.

3. Climate Change and Global Warming:

This is a bit of a tricky one to explain to young children, but still, it’s something that they should be made aware of. Fossil fuel utilization brings about discharge of greenhouse gasses, which causes environmental change. This change affects different countries and regions in different ways; polar ice melting, season changes, new sicknesses and more.

To make your child aware of today’s environmental issues and problems, we, at Child Care Capalaba, make sure to also educate them in this regard.

Here are also a few considerable tips that may also help when discussing such matters with your children.

Extending Advice to the Children

·      Take Children Outside:

Children need to be made aware of prevalent things in the environment. For this, you need to take your children outside and make them learn how certain factors are impacting the environment.

·      Give Rewards on Recyclables:

Encourage your children towards reusing and recycling. If they understand the recycling process, it’s easier for them to learn the issues related to the environment.

  • Compost:

Children need to learn how natural compost can be used for the vital growth of plants.

  • Importance of Water and Its Efficient Utilization:

It is very necessary for us and your child to learn the importance of water and how to use water efficiently. By following a few simple tips, water can be saved in huge quantities. Just teach them day to day efficient use of water while bathing or brushing.


We, at Eskay Kids, work hard towards raising awareness about environmental concerns and issues. The aforementioned environmental issues list is just a symbol of what we can expect in the future. However, starting now and educating our children on preserving the environment is the first step.

Healthy Summer Treats for the Kids

Children can be a headache, especially when it comes to nutrition. All children love to eat candy, chips, cookies, pancakes, and anything sweet or naughty to tickle their taste buds. Nutrition is often the last thing on their minds, mainly because their brains haven’t yet developed enough to fully understand the importance of healthy eating. But as a parent, you need to make sure that they eat healthily while not compromising taste. You can make them eat healthy foods if you can make it tasty as per their liking. This is not only the responsibility of parents, but also the kindergarten Karana teachers should encourage them towards healthy snacking.

We are sharing some of the healthy yet yummy treats for your children which you can make within no time and pack them up in cute lunch boxes:

1. Ragi Cookies:

Who doesn’t love cookies? Every child is crazy for them! You can pack ragi cookies in their lunch box which is a good source of calcium, amino acids, vitamin d and healthy carbs. Ragi is a South Indian staple and there’s a reason for that.

Here is the process:

  • Just add 1 cup of ragi flour with half a tablespoon of cardamom powder in a pan to roast it.
  • Now add whisked egg, salt, and dry ginger to the mixture.
  • After this, add some oil and make it into a dough. Make round balls out of this dark dough and place them on a flat pan covered with butter paper.
  • In the end, bake them and your nutritious yummy tummy cookies are ready to be served!

Educators at early childhood education Capalaba believe in healthy living and learning through nature.

2. Almond Granola Bar:

Granola bars are preferred mainly by gym freaks and those who appreciate living a healthy life. So why not give this to your children?

Here is the process:

  • Add 250gms jaggery and 150gms honey to boiling water.
  • In a pan, roast 90gms of dry coconut, 250 gms white oats, lots of almonds, sesame seeds and multigrain seeds.
  • Now, to the jaggery honey mix, add this roasted mixture along with some apricots, raisins, 200gms melted butter and 5gms baking powder.
  • Spread the mix on a silver foil and bake it for half an hour at 180 degrees Celsius. And that’s it.

3. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt:

Sweet strawberries are irresistible, especially when they are served frozen! Children love them. This summer, give them a treat by serving delicious strawberry yogurt, which is healthy too. Wash the strawberries and slice them in half. Take a parchment paper and spread them evenly over the surface, keep this in the freezer overnight or for around 5 hours. Take a mixer and add these frozen strawberries, honey, and greek yogurt. Blend this mixture until creamy (5mins). You can add more honey to it for extra sweetness.

You can visit Eskay Kids Daycare center Capalaba for more information on healthy lunch boxes.

4. Fruit Popsicles:

Yet another dish to attract children towards healthy snacking! Fruit are an integral source of vitamins and minerals. Also, they contain enough water to avoid dehydration.

Here is the process:

  • Fill a popsicle mold with your child’s favorite fruits and berries.
  • Add coconut water and maple syrup to make it sweeter.
  • Insert a stick and freeze it.

We swear, your children are going to love this recipe in summer.

We, at Eskay Kids childcare Karana, believe in authentic childhood experiences, and giving them a natural place to learn things. We believe that children flourish through simple things and through connection with nature and health.

Children & Road Safety – Tips from around the Web

Road safety is extremely important, especially for children as they aren’t mature enough or educated at young ages to instinctually understand road safety. In this article, we have collected a variety of reputable tips from across the web to inform this blog on Children road safety.


  1. Children need Active Supervision around Roads up until the ages 11/12:
    While this may not be everyone’s opinion on the matter, a variety of articles from the likes of Government sites to Raising Children sites suggest supervision for children up to 11 or 12 years of age. Children with special needs may need supervision up until mid-teens.
  2. Model Safe Behaviour & Communicate:
    When crossing the road, waiting for traffic etc make sure to always do the right thing (the safest thing) and be vocal about your decision in doing so. By saying things like “Let’s wait for all the cars and then we can walk across” impresses upon your children the right habits to get into when it comes to road safety.
  3. Driveways are one of the most danger prone areas!
    This one is more for you as parents. Ensure you always check the driveway twice before pulling in and out, especially pulling in. Also, ensure you pull in and out extremely slowly, so if your children are playing in the drive way they have time to move out of the way.
  4. Follow Road Rules:
    Something that might not seem as important but is almost equally as important as the above-mentioned tips is following road rules when you’re driving. Anything road related matters. So, try your best to model safe and considerate driving habits. It might seem crazy, but children really latch onto everything their parents do and say. So, ensuring they perceive road behaviour in a safe and cautious way is pertinent.


The tips in this article have been curated from various reputable sources from around the web in order to provide informed and insightful opinions on the matter. Road safety is something that needs to be carefully considered as a parent, and as a member of the community. We all have a part to play and it’s important to be aware of the role we all play.

5 Healthy Lunch Snacks for Kindergarten

Healthy lunch goes a long way in keeping children healthy and active. It is important to pack a healthy lunch box which should include fruit, vegetables, and a mix of protein, carbohydrate, and dairy products. When children eat healthy food, they are able to concentrate and learn better. Help your child understand the importance of healthy eating by making a list of foods that they might enjoy. Kindergarten Capalaba emphasises the importance of healthy eating and health lifestyle choices.

You may include the following foods for the lunch box:

1. Fruit:

It’s vital to include at least one fruit option in your child’s lunch box every day, dried fruit can sometimes be a good option. You can also opt for canned fruit but ensure you choose those with no added sugar.

2. Vegetables:

Do not forget to include vegetables as they are another healthy option for kids at day care Capalaba. If you make a ham and cheese sandwich, consider adding lettuce and carrot or cucumber and sprouts as an added source of nutrition.

3. Milk and Yoghurt:

In order to avoid boredom, include fruit yogurts in the lunch box. Try to avoid flavoured milk or dairy desserts as they are quite high in sugar.

4. Variety of bread:

Opt for rye or seeded loafs for bread. If your child begins disliking sandwiches, they might like to try pita bread, flatbread, bread rolls, rice cakes, bagels, or any other alternative. Child care centre Capalaba encourages kids to eat healthy by discouraging unhealthy eating options.

5. Homemade biscuits:

If you are a baker, a fun little treat can be homemade healthy nut cookies or banana bread.


At child care Capalaba we encourage healthy lifestyle choices, which of course includes eating healthily and getting exercise. We hope the above tips can help you to encourage healthy eating in your children.