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Karana Early Education Centre | 3201 1145 | Mon - Fri 6.45am – 6.15pm
Capalaba Child Care & EEC | 3823 1145 | Mon - Fri 6.30am - 6.00pm
Springfield Child Care & EEC | 3381 8882 | Mon - Fri 6.30am – 6.00pm


Springfield – The cheerfulness and the exuberance that the staff show on a daily basis is a testimonial to their passion for child care. Our kids come home filthy with dirt in places unimaginable but they are the happiest we have ever seen them. I could not recommend Eskay kids at Springfield more highly to any parent that may be dubious about sending their child to child care – they will LOVE it! – Matt and Alicia

Capalaba – Eskay Capalaba was our first choice when looking at options in the area. We visited a number of centres, spoke with staff and went with our gut feeling. The Director was approachable, and had her finger on the pulse with what was happening in the centre, and knew the names of the children! We were able to spend some time there and gradually introduce our child to the centre over a number of weeks. Every time our questions are answered promptly, and we feel as though was can discuss concerns and ideas openly. We love the philosophy of the centre – play based learning – and the inside/outside program. Oh, and there is real grass, real gardens and a mud pit!

Karana – We choose the centre because of the engaging environment that children have that connects with nature and play-based learning. Staff were welcoming, understanding and above all, focused on the children’s well being. The communication with parents is exemplary and the care, support and organisation within the centre is second to none. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Karana Downs Eskay family! – Sarah

Springfield – Fantastic daycare, love it so much the carers have so much passion for what they do. I am so pleased with my decision to change daycare and put my daughtyer into care here!!! Thanks for a fantastic job ladies!! – Bridget V

Capalaba – As a parent and an early childhood worker this centre is very high quality. It has fantastic resources and an all natural outdoor area (not often seen in other centres) that the children are free to explore – my daughter LOVES the mud pit!! And so do I as I know the benefits of what she is learning far out weights the washing 🙂 The staff are so kind and understanding, they have supported us both through some tough phases and regularly communicate my daughters interests and her day. The staff send an email each day to parents with photo’s of your child and the other children in that class and what they have been learning that morning – it really puts me at ease knowing that she has settled contently and is happy in her classroom with her friends. The price of the centre is reasonable and we provide our own food, however there will be food provided soon. Programming in the classrooms are interest based, my daughter and I have made a fairy garden at home and Miss Marla & Miss Elaine have invited me to spend some time helping the children do some gardening and help create a fairy garden at school. Parent involvement in the classrooms and the centre is very much welcomed by all staff. The enthusiasm from them makes you feel very useful and appreciated for donating your time. I would highly recommend this service to any parent or any carer wanting to enrol their child/ren. -Leonie

Karana – I just watched the video on the centre – I have to say it is a truly wonderful video that showcases perfectly the things that make KDEEC the special place we all love and trust. As a parent that has had to have their child in childcare, multiple days of the week, for long hours at a time, it is a great comfort to know that even though I have to leave, while I am away my child is having a great time with friends under the supervision of educators that truly care about their development and well-being, and actively support them to explore the world around them. Well done to you all! – Toni

Springfield – My son started with Springfield Child Care & Early Education Centre after leaving another centre & we could not be happier! He gets so much variety in his day & always has something to show me from what he’s been doing. The daily reflection emails are fantastic to receive & to be able to see at work what he’s been doing all day, always makes me smile. I love that time is taken to make entries in his book with pictures or a personal story & it really brings home the care all the lovely ladies who work there put into all the children. I can’t say enough how amazing everyone is & am 100% confident leaving my little man in their care. Everyone is always very welcoming & always has time for any questions I have, or to give me feedback on things they notice. Nothing is too much trouble & you can just tell when someone loves what they do & these ladies really show that. The centre itself is fantastic with a huge & varied play area that is grassed, has a stage, a sandpit AND a mud pit! Love it! And inside the rooms are all very stimulating & clean & there is a good deal of emphasis on nature & living things which I love. There’s activities for parents to come along to as well & it’s so nice to be able to come & be involved & watch everyone in their element. I could probably go on all day but should stop myself so there’s room for others! I’ll just say that my son always has a great time with all his “missesses’ & absolutely loves it there…makes me wish I was a little kid again so I could go too! Thanks ladies! x – Kelly

Capalaba – What I love about the Capalaba centre is the indoor/outdoor program and that all of the kiddies play together in any of the rooms. The educators are amazing with all of the children and I feel relieved knowing my child is left in their stunningly capable hands. My child just absolutely loves it there!! Which makes me happy – Kristy

Karana – Just wanted to say that Trisha and the staff at Karana have been more than accommodating and willing to provide the best opportunities for every child (and their family). You go above and beyond every day to make the child’s day enjoyable and the parents at ease. Thank you – Kristy

Springfield – Excellent centre! It is so warm and inviting and the outdoor area is beautiful, full of things you might find in your own backyard at home, no plastic play equipment, real grass, massive sandpit, stage area for the kids to play and perform on. My son is very shy and struggled for 18 months at his previous daycare centre, so moving him was a huge decision, but he settled in straight away to Eskay Kids and loves his carers and has come in leaps and bounds since joining this centre. I would highly recommend this centre to anyone wanting reassurance their child would be in good hands! I love love love the daily reflections email that gets sent each day with photos and information about what the children have been learning throughout the day. It always makes my day to see photos of my son enjoying himself doing various activities, before I even pick him up, its wonderful! – Bridget R

Capalaba – I would highly recommend this centre. Excellent facilities, big rooms and great outdoor area – my daughter loves the rocket ship! Great friendly and helpful staff. Especially love Miss Ash in the toddlers room. Her communication with us during my daughters transition into care has been amazing. Very happy all round. Reasonably priced for area too. – Katie

Karana – We started our son at Karana Early Education Centre at the beginning of the year (2015) after being at another centre that we were not happy with. Changing centres was the best decision we ever made and I only wish we did it earlier!! Our son has come in leaps and bounds in the Kindergarten room. KEEC is a fabulous centre that strives for nothing less than the best with great educators who only have the children’s best interest at heart. – Felicity

Springfield – We chose Eskay Kids Springfield because of the great outdoor environment, both myself and my husband grew up on land and spent our childhood’s outside. We loved the idea that our daughter could choose to play indoors or outdoors and not be restricted to just playing outside for a limited time each day very appealing in choosing an Early Childhood Education and Care Program. We love the emphasis you and the team have on nature based play and education, and for letting children be children.
The community atmosphere you have created, by allowing families to take part in the centre has also made us feel very welcome within a new community. The educators show true passion for their love of education and children. They have all made our daughter feel happy and settled. As a parent going to work you want to ensure you know your children are happy in the Early Childhood Education and Care centre, and we have the trust in Kristy and the team that our little girl is happy and also learning lots during her days at Eskay Kids Springfield! – Elise and Michael

Capalaba – Absolutely love this centre, my son is in the dragonflies room and is always happy. Love getting emailed what they’ve done that day and seeing photos of my son playing with his friends – Samantha

Karana – I love that Karana Early Education; allows Children to be Children! The organics of the outdoor area is exactly how Children enjoying playing! I feel so happy when I drop my son off & all the staff know my sons name! The whole centre is lovely! – Patricia

Springfield – My family loves Eskay Kids Springfield. The teachers are so friendly and genuine, not to mention highly-skilled educators. The atmosphere of the school is really warm and inviting and the natural play area is very popular. Whenever we’re at the school, children always seem happy and busy with play or other fun learning activities, and the teachers are right there with them – not watching from distance. My son is always full of enthusiastic stories about what he did at Eskay. Highly recommended daycare! – Remco

Capalaba – Eskay Kids Capalaba is probably the best childcare centre that I have ever came across with. I love the natural surrounding and how they encourage children to play and stay active. My son suffers from really bad eczema and food intolerance and the staff have been really accommodating and genuinely care for his well being. I love reading the daily communication sent to us via email and the wonderful scrap book that records our little one’s milestones. – Jasmine

Karana – Every morning when I drop my son off here he is happy and smiling, every afternoon when I pick him up he is still playing happily and smiling. My 3 children have been to several different Early Education Centres and this is the only one that they have been happy there, all
day, every day. That’s how I know this is a wonderful Centre. – Tracey

Springfield – I love the natural environment with so much for my son to explore, especially outdoors. I am really impressed by the caring staff who have reassured me as well as him. This is the first child care Centre I have used and wouldn’t want him to go anywhere else. – Terri

Capalaba – My husband and I decided to send our son to eskay kids because from the get go the centre staff were so amazing. From the moment I walked through the centre for a stay and play I was hooked. My son started there when he was 9 months old and is now almost two, No matter who is working they all know the childrens names and it makes drop off and pick up so easy, I would recommend this centre to anyone. – The McAlavey family

Karana – I’ve had both my son and daughter attend here. My daughters had numerous allergies and health problems, the staff have always gone above and beyond my expectation of care for her. I would highly recommend this daycare, the homely feel it brings just makes you feel comfortable. The director is the heart and souls of this place. – The Graham Family

Springfield – I LOVE that the centre is so accommodating for our families particular needs! It enables me to have one on one time with each of my triplets on a weekly basis while knowing that the other two are in a positive and engaging environment away from me! I also love that while we have no yard for the children to play in they are able to enjoy all of the benefits of outside play including one of the true delights of being a child….. Jumping in muddy puddles!!! – Kelly

Capalaba – We are so proud of how far our daughter has come since starting at Capalaba Eskay Kids. She is quite a high strung little girl who takes a long time to warm up to anything new. The staff were very supportive of us as parents, allowing us to have stay-and-plays as often as we needed before our daughter actually started attending. This helped her to feel a little less anxious when she did start as she knew the environment and the other kids. It made me as a parent less anxious also, as I could see what she would be playing with, the activities provided, as well as how the staff interacted with the kids. Our little girl still took her time warming up, but it was made so much less stressful by the wonderful staff at the centre. She is always so bubbly at the end of the day, its plain to see she has had a great day! – -Elizabeth

Capalaba – My son absolutely loves Capalaba Child Care and Early Education Centre. The home-like environment and natural resources sets the centre apart from others in the area. We love how he has the freedom throughout the day to play inside or outside, providing him with ample opportunities to explore his environment and interact with children across the centre, not just from his room.

The staff throughout the whole centre are fantastic and always ensure he feels safe and happy. Regular interaction with his educators allows us to work together to enhance his learning and development at home and whilst at the centre. They are very attentive and love to incorporate experiences from home into their daily activities.

Capalaba – I couldn’t have wished for a better place for my 3 month old to start Kindy. The Eskay Kids Capalaba family is so caring and creative that I would recommend the place to anyone.
Eskay made my return to work a breeze. Thank you all for your great care, Mariska